In 1903, arrived at Rio Grande city the founder Torquato Ribeiro Pontes, fisherman coming from Portugal, beginning here the fishery activity, including later on commercialization of fruit and cereals.
In 1937 started to operate as fishery plant and for canned fruits and vegetables.
In 1954 succeeding the founder, assumed the direction the son Élio Ribeiro Pontes, passing to the second generation the administration of the company, so transformed in corporation company Torquato Pontes S/A. Comércio e Indústria.
With increasing role on internal sales but looking at the expansion to the international market by 1961 pioneered on Rio Grande do Sul the shipment of sea products to abroad.
In 1965 is the first one to export fish and shrimps to the United States, following the conquest of other markets.
In 1970 were branched the activities with the Torquato Pontes Pescados S/A. foundation endowed with a modern industrial establishment dedicated exclusively to caught and industrialization of fish along with its affiliated under same management.
After 1972, the grandson Torquato Ribeiro Pontes Netto began to compose board of directory, representing the third generation at the company administration.
At this moment the total plant of construction of the industry includes an area of 11.803m2, of which 8.431m2 are constructed, having yet a capacity for the freezing of 70 ton/day and storage of 3.000 ton of product.
In its docks, with 100m length and depth 6 to 8m, the company received in the year 2000, 1.070 ton of shrimp and 7.998 ton of fish unloaded from its own five boats, other's boats and handcraft fishing raw material that was manipulated for about 320 workers.
At complement of its infra-structure the company has an ice factory with 150 ton/day and a reserve of 300 ton, a station maritime, fuelling and repair workshops, which answer the needs of supplying fleet and have yet capacity to supply larger boats.

The activities of Torquato Pontes' commercialization that show Ideal brand are:
Brazilian market;
Mercosul, principally to Argentina and Uruguay;
North America, with sales to United States;
European Market mainly Italy, Portugal, England, France, Spain and Greece;
Africa, exporting Nigeria;
Middle East, to Saudi Arabia and Israel;
Orient, exporting to China and Japan.

In 2000 the company totalized its exportations at 439 ton of frozen headless shrimp, 1.723 ton of whole frozen fish, 121 ton of frozen H & G and 139 ton of frozen fillet.

The main Torquato Pontes' Products are:
whole fresh fish and H & G;
whole frozen fish, H & G and slices;
frozen fillet;
frozen shrimp;
salted fish;

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Torquato Ribeiro Pontes Netto - President -

Gley Castro Fonseca - Director -



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Adress: Rua Marechal Andréa, 208 - Rio Grande - CEP 96.201-250 - RS



Telephone: +55 53 32311044

Fax: +55 53 32311257

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